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General Restaurant Segment Overview

The Restaurant Industry is categorized based on the level and kind of services customers receive.

Understanding your market will help you decide what service style to adopt. It is equally needful to start a business you are genuinely interested in and have strong passion for, as a business not driven by passion becomes a burden in the long run.

Below is a summary on the major segments of the restaurant industry in Nigeria:


Catering Service setting

5) Catering or Outdoor food services

Catering is simply put as the business of providing food service in a remote location.

We have all at one time or the other experienced food from a caterer at birthday parties, weddings or social gatherings where food is served.

We are dividing this segment into 3 and encourage further research if you are interested in this category.

  1. Corporate caterers – We are classifying corporate caterers as the caterers that mainly service the office environment, either through their canteen or daily food supply.
  2. Events caterer – Caters for event food services; be it wedding, child naming or house party.
  3. Personal caterers – One can argue this to be considered as event caterer, but in the new age of social media, we have noticed trends in Pre-ordered meals that are very specific like Afang soup, Ewa Agoyin etc. The business model for this service can go like this – no store front/customers book/pay in advance and meals delivered.

Some Characteristics of Event Caterer

  • Full customization of menu per client’s request
  • Caterer must be mobile and able to offer excellent service in multipurpose location with often limited facilities on site
  • Food presentation, display and servers are key components to offering great services in this segment


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