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Full Service/Fine Dining

General Restaurant Segment Overview

The Restaurant Industry is categorized based on the level and kind of services customers receive.

Understanding your market will help you decide what service style to adopt. It is equally needful to start a business you are genuinely interested in and have strong passion for, as a business not driven by passion becomes a burden in the long run.

Below is a summary on the major segments of the restaurant industry in Nigeria:


Full Service or Fine Dining

What kind of restaurant do you patronize when celebrating a loved one on special occasions; Fast Food, Casual Dining or Fine Dining?

More likely, you would prefer a Full service/ Fine dining restaurant.

Fine Dining Restaurants are full service restaurants mostly with refined and delicately assembled cuisines. They are characteristically high-end, luxury and upscale restaurants with very elaborate and intentional decor and furnishing. Their Chefs and staff are highly professional, often with accreditation from renowned culinary academies.

Some Characteristics of Fine Dining Restaurants

  • Detailed emphasis is placed on an excellent customer experience from the first impression of the guests, through meal presentations, general ambiance of the restaurant to interior decor, including the service and waiting staff.
  • Meals are prepared as ordered and customers usually have the flexibility of giving special cooking requests to the kitchen.
  • Guests are served throughout the duration of their stay, giving them the satisfaction of a luxury service.
  • Luxury hotels are very common locations for Fine dining.
  • The price of a typical meal at a full service restaurant may vary between moderate and very expensive.
  • Guests expect high-quality meals, excellent customer service and in some cases extensive wine and liquor list.
  • Meals are paid for, after they are eaten.
  • Table settings are ornately dressed with fine china and quality silver wares.

Fine Dining Setting


A combination of characteristics and services differentiates a ‘Fine dining’ from other restaurant segments. The hard line is further blurred as there are Nigerian establishments that superficially, meet these unique criteria but with further insights would not be categorized as Fine dining.

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