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Casual Dining

General Restaurant Segment Overview

The Restaurant Industry is categorized based on the level and kind of services customers receive.

Understanding your market will help you decide what service style to adopt. It is equally needful to start a business you are genuinely interested in and have strong passion for, as a business not driven by passion becomes a burden in the long run.

Below is a summary on the major segments of the restaurant industry in Nigeria:


Casual Dining Setting

2) What is Casual Dining/ Family Casual Dining?

A casual dining restaurant is a restaurant that serves moderately-priced food. As the name suggest, it is geared towards a family setting, so the meals will range from meals for kids to adult meals. Giving the broad appeal of customer selection, the food quality is relatively high, the price a bit lower than Fine Dining and also similar to a Fine dining in a number of ways: table service and detailed emphasis on customer experience and service. A major difference is that the ambiance of casual dining is less formal than a Fine Dining. In our opinion, most restaurants either aspire to this category or by default fall into this category.

Some Characteristics of Casual Dining

  • Moderately priced menu
  • Table service, rather than counter service
  • Accommodates family or large groups
  • The menu is more relaxed and may not be set up as course meals
  • One can argue that main characteristics of Fine dining can be applied to Casual Dining as well.


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