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Ep. 95 So my manager Quit


In the process of saving the world and building a great company, my manager quit,  I may have triggered it, it may have been stars aligned. The discomfort ensued, it created growth opportunities for me. I went thru the basic emotions of betrayal and anger but in the end it turned out to be a blessing.

Growth always comes from discomfort and there are always lessons waiting to be learned

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Biggest takeaway

  1. Always keep your eye on the ball as a business owner
  2. Have direct access to your staff and have them give you feedback on the rumblings in the front line
  3. Have your management team give you weekly reports and when they are slacking , give them written warnings , you must always hold them accountable always
  4. Minimize verbal communications – cuz it can easily be forgotten – document everything
  5. Make sure Standard Of Operations documents are followed to the T
  6. Employees must be trained regularly
  7. Hard work isn’t the same as Smart work .  Smart work is always better
  8. Ensure employees all have a good work life balance ( shifts and rest days)
  9. Bring in a consultant to check your operations , it will expose a lot you may have overlooked
  10. Always recruit for all positions including top management – the feedback from the interview process can give you insights you can adopt even if you are not hiring
  11. Shit will happen
  12. Be always ready to rebuild
  13. Pay your staff more than market rate, at the same time hold them to a higher standards, the ones who do not fit should be trained or let go off

There are more nuggets in the podcast and i am sure i will share more as things move along.


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