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General Restaurant Segment Overview

The Restaurant Industry is categorized based on the level and kind of services customers receive.

Understanding your market will help you decide what service style to adopt. It is equally needful to start a business you are genuinely interested in and have strong passion for, as a business not driven by passion becomes a burden in the long run.

Below is a summary on the major segments of the restaurant industry in Nigeria:


Pastry Goods


The word “pastries” suggests many kinds of baked products made from ingredients such as flour, sugar, milk, butter, shortening, baking powder, and eggs. Small tarts and other sweet baked products are called pastries. Common pastry dishes include pies, tarts, quiches and pasties.

  • Bakery, as always associated with bread has slight disparity with pastry. Pastry implies the general group of baked and pasty products. In a factory setting, a baker might work on thousands of loaves of bread or bake rolls by the gross but pastry is differentiated from bread by having a higher fat content, creative designs and add-ins which contribute to a flaky, flavored or crumbly texture product.
  • Bread as we know comes in various types, sizes, packages and prices.
  • A baker can become a pastry chef with some specialization. Every pastry chef is a baker, but not every baker develops the skills needed to become a pastry chef. While bakers work more or less completely from existing recipes and only on baked goods, a pastry chef frequently works on all types of desserts.
  • You might see a pastry chef stirring up custard for an ice cream, whisking cream to go on top of fresh fruit compote or cooking up a sweet sauce on the stove top.
  • The wider range of skills associated with a pastry chef position may explain the payment disparity.

To wrap it up, pastry encompasses all baking processes hence, this article represents both groups.


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