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Fast Casual

General Restaurant Segment Overview

The Restaurant Industry is categorized based on the level and kind of services customers receive.

Understanding your market will help you decide what service style to adopt. It is equally needful to start a business you are genuinely interested in and have strong passion for, as a business not driven by passion becomes a burden in the long run.

Below is a summary on the major segments of the restaurant industry in Nigeria:


4) What is Fast Casual Restaurants?

Fast-casual is a hybrid of Fine dining and fast food. The service is usually quick like Fast food but the main difference is with the quality and price of food served which is usually higher than that of a fast food. Fast-casual is slightly more upscale than fast food.  Like Fast Food, fast casual is usually “order-at-the- counter “and usually offers no table service” like in Fine dining.

Note (Due to cost of labor, table service can be offered pretty much by any restaurant type in Nigeria)

The ambiance is generally more upscale and well put together than most fast foods. It is considerably a fast booming restaurant style industry in Lagos.

Casual Dining Setting

Some Characteristics of Fast-Casual

  • Food is usually prepared on site; customers place their orders at the counter as well as pick up their meals. Disposable serving utensils are used and customers can easily pack their food with them.
  • A major appeal of fast-casual food is that it is made fresh for the customer, using fresh ingredients and sometimes techniques similar to that of Fine dining.
  • Customers often expect friendly and accommodating service from employees, even if they are not receiving table-side service.
  • Price point for fast-Casual is considerably higher than that of fast food as the technique, quality of food and service is a lot similar to Fine dining and Casual-dining.
  • The atmosphere in a fast-casual restaurant is generally very pleasant, comfortable and less formal; diverse group of customers patronize such establishments.


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