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ep 80 – Organic growth and strategic partnerships with Founder of Sooyah Bistro Olamidun Majekodunmi




On today’s show we have a very enterprising entrepreneur Olamidun Majekodunmi. She is the founder of SOOYAH BISTRO founded back in 2018. She is an avid dancer since the age of 9, Olamidun built The Performing Arts School of Nigeria/ The Studio Abuja, with the purpose of providing students with unique opportunities and a well-rounded education. Olamidun succeeded in implementing key strategic initiatives and formed major partnerships with some of the largest public and private sector organizations in Nigeria.


“Just the same way you want to grow you also have to manage your growth. You don’t want to grow faster than the company is ready to grow or can grow. There are so many other things you need to think about with every growth level you achieve “


Driven by her strong passion for wide development across Africa, Olamidun also served as a Director of Education for the Nigerian Young Professionals Forum where she led the architecture of a nationwide Education Intervention Scheme.

Her first location was at the Spa in Lekki where she started doing very simple suya late in 2017 but the business was formally established and properly registered in January 2018. presently, SOOYAH BISTRO is at 3 different Spa location in Lagos with 5 branches in total.

Getting the Spa opportunity happened quite casually as she suggested to one of the executives at Spar of Utilizing the small outdoor space for a Suya spot. She started literally with a tent, a grill and a Suya mallam. The business kicked off with little capital, from there, she was able to build traction for her business

As business kept growing she realized  a strategic partnership with one of her more frequent customers The Artist Banky W.  The Partnership brought value beyond finances , the brand has grown since and the association with Banky W has created a lot of exposure and opportunities


Choosing a location is based on a guideline they follow which is a place with existing traffic, spacious outdoor and a few other things. Every growth process is key as they ensure all procedures and processes have been met before opening a new store or expanding. Major key things they consider are :

A) Operational procedures and processes,

B) Logistics

C) Supply chain

D) Structure and many other things.

Sooyah Bistro was shut down for about a month during the Covid Pandemic . It was the biggest hit on her business so far but they bounced back with a new improved menu and that has been getting a lot of positive feedback.

Listen to the podcast for more details

Take way points :

1. Businesses should do what works best for them as what works for another might not work for you.

  1. As your business grows you also need to pull back and make sure all your processes are tight and can handle that growth.
  2. If your business has more than one location and has a centralised system, thrive to make it decentralized so each branch can function own its own at least 80%.
  3. When choosing a location be sure it has the right traffic for your business.
  4. One can create value and exposure for one’s business through strategic partnership.Time Stamps——————————————————————————————————————[00:00:22] Guest Intro.
    [00:01:17] first location.
    [00:06:05] partners.
    [00:07:20] Why Suya?
    [00:08:18] Growing the business.
    [00:19:46] Most surprising thing learnt.
    [00:23:12] choosing location.
    [00:37:20] Effect of COVID
    [00:39:11] What motivates you?
    [00:39:58] 40 years from now.
    [00:40:57] strength.
    [00:44:50] How you improve your skill.
    [00:46:00] KPIs to look out for.
    [00:53:04] Outro.

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