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Ep 76 – The Currency no one should care about



This topic came to my mind when I was scrolling through Instagram and I had eureka moment.

        “ The currency no one should care about ”

The amount of followers a person has on Instagram is more like a currency. It is a way that has been  used to measure people and businesses online. Now there are so many other forms of currency we use to measure ourselves or we are measured by but does it really matter?

There are a lot of things that we have been trained to focus on but all it does is strokes our EGO. Every social platform/interaction has a currency, they have  something that is measurable and we really shouldn’t put value on that measurement except one is a social media influencer then, you can care about how many people are following you or how much reach you have. However, for regular businesses, it strokes egos.

Personal Example

For a while now, I have been struggling with the idea of expanding or having spin off restaurants but I am yet to figure it out. Sometimes, you ask yourself  ‘you are in business for about 4 to 5 years and you have only 1 location are you truly successful. This again falls back into the currency trap, what is measured and by who how many locations do you have, is your manager non Nigerian, how many staff do you have, the caliber of ppl that visit your establishment etc.

The bottom line is we should stop comparison, we all have unique priceless currencies that gets lost when we start the comparing game

For business /restaurant owners, the type of currency I think they should focus on are customer satisfaction, fulfillment of the job .

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Time Stamps

[00:00:15] Intro
[00:01:05] The currency no one cares about.
[00:02:45] Focus.
[00:03:33] Struggle with expansion.
[00:04:20] Comparison.
[00:05:08] Currency to focus on.
[00:07:00] Question to ask yourself.
[00:09:07] Outro.

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