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Ep 77. From protecting Nuclear Safety codes to fulfilling orders for shoprite nation wide



Our guest today is Orighoye Dore  popularly known as Chef Nylah.

This is a show of Discipline, Resilience and Pivoting. Chef Nylah runs a catering business with a flagship Restaurant and a Bakery. A U.S Veteran and a happy mother whose passion for cooking and entertaining knows no bounds. She moved to Nigeria 10 years ago to start her catering business and now she supplies Shoprite Nation wide.

In this episode she talks about her challenges running her business and how she got a major break through even with the pandemic by scoring a major account with Shoprite. As one business slowed down another blew up. She talks about her Nafdac process and  how she approaches stores and built capacity for her brand to fulfill her orders

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Time Stamps


[00:00:49] Guest Intro
[00:04:24] Moving back to Nigeria
[00:11:25] The name chef Nylah
[00:14:17] How you manage your time.
[00:18:29] The shoprite deal.
[00:30:00] Sales team.
[00:30:37] Traits to look out for when hiring.
[00:40:56] Product you can’t get rid of.
[00:44:49] Catering.
[00:50:08] The brand story 40 years from now.
[00:58:32] Outro


1. Keep your options open and dare to dream.

2. Attitude and willingness to work are key things to look out for when hiring.

3. Always go all out to pitch your product to the right people.

4. Know what product the market wants and work around a good channel of distribution.

5. Always look out for feedback ( good or bad) from customers as it helps you know how well you are doing and things to improve on.

6. In the hospitality sector always have it in mind that you have to be hospitable.

Recommended books

Heroes With A thousand Faces by Joseph Campbell

Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari.

Holy Bible – 1 Corinthians, Chapter 7.

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