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Ep 73. The Unstoppable Ada Osakwe – Building Nuli Juice to last


On today’s episode, we have an amazing economist who has worked with the Minister of Agriculture and African Development Bank. She has an MBA from Kellogg school of Management. She is someone who is goal driven- knows what she wants and how to get it. Ada is an award-winning food entrepreneur and Founder of The Nuli Juice Company.

“Don’t underestimate the need to be so involved in your business. Even if you  hire the best of the best, you have to be committed “

She says she is “just a very passionate African” Passionate about development and making sure people truly achieve their potentials. Her entire life has been dedicated to making sure that we all shine globally through our actions ; she is representing Africa in the best way she can. All these are what drives her.

She has multiple experiences that have helped shape her life, but her most memorable one was when she was a teenager and had just finished her high school and gone to do her A levels to further her University in the UK. At that time, her dad didn’t approve of her studying abroad. He wasn’t pleased with sending his first daughter out of the country as it was expensive which made her defer her admission. For the mean time, she went to Alliance Française  where she started learning French, which ended up been very useful for her. Later on with the support and blessing of her mum she got a visa, ticket purchased and  school fees raised, all without her dad’s consent. Her dad was upset with her because as she had gone against what he believed .. so he didn’t speak to her for about a year.

The bold step she took helped shape her in many ways because it was the first time she went for what she truly believed was right and had a strong conviction in. She ended up graduating with a first class and her dad was right there with her on her graduation day. The driving force that made her finish with good grades was not about making her dad proud but was more about been able to own her inner conviction about things she believes in. This has sort of guided her and helped shape her into a courageous and successful woman.

She grew up in a very loving family, her parents always encouraged them achieve their potentials and abilities, without being forceful about it. They allowed her discover herself and her path.

In high school, her friends would describe her as someone who loves life, loves dancing at parties, loves being the lead role in plays, loves planning parties with her girlfriends.

Ada believes in service and that everyone is called for a purpose. It is a privileged to be alive and well. She defines being great as being able to use ones opportunity in the service of others and humanity as a whole.

Nuli is a company she started in 2015 focused on using fresh produce from Nigerian farms to make their products which are beverages and meals to help people live a healthier lifestyle. The 5 years old company started only as a juice company for the first year. The fruits and vegetables used in producing the juices are all sourced from local farmers.

Listen to the Podcast as she talks more about her journey as an entrepreneur with NULI Juice

Books recommended

Shoe Dog by Phil Knight
Stay with me by Ayobami Adebayo
The Starbucks Experience by Joseph Michelli

Take away points.

1. Always work towards leaving the world better than you met it.

2. Even when a door closes use that time to improve yourself.

3. Have a lot of gratitude being alive.

4. Cultivate the habit of eating healthy.

5. Lean towards success at a very early age.

6. Always come up with new strategies to improve your business so it isn’t totally affected by economic melt down.

7. When building a brand two things should be key – value and sustainability.

Time Stamps


[00:01:06] Guest Intro and background.
[00:04:30] The driving force.
[00:05:13] Experience that has shaped your life.
[00:09:18] Driving force behind the first class degree attained.
[00:10:32] What brought about the strong conviction.
[00:13:07] How friends in high school describe you.
[00:15:46] Greatness and what it means to you.
[00:16:50] 40 years from now.
[00:18:33] What keeps you up at night.
[00:19:33] Morning routines.
[00:22:35] The Nuli Company.
[00:26:00] Building Nuli to sell or conquer.
[00:27:35] Right time for Swiss investment.
[00:29:34] Change in strategy due to COVID.
[00:33:34] The business profitability.
[00:35:25] Distribution process in the market.
[00:36:47] The bestseller.
[00:37:25] Lesson learnt so far.
[00:39:05] Books recommended.
[00:41:23] Outro

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